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Company Overview

  • When was the Company established?

    The Company was established on May 28, 1949 as ”Tokyo Seimitsu Kogu Co., Ltd”.  In 1962, the Company was renamed Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd. 


    Please see our history in details.

  • Where and when was the Company's Stock listed?

    The Company's stock is listed on Tokyo Stock exchange, 1st Section.
    It was listed on 2nd Section in August, 1962 on 1st Section in September, 1986, and on Prime Segment in April, 2022.

  • What are the Company's business and key products?

    Our core business revolves around the manufacture and sale of Semiconductor Production Equipment (SPE), and Metrology Products.

    SPE is special equipment to create Semiconductor devices and/or Electric components inside High-technology products such as Smartphones and Personal Computers.
    Metrology Products are to measure lengths, roughness and/or roundness of mechanical components.
    Please refer to our products in detail.

    Business introduction

  • What is ACCRETECH?

    ACCRETECH is the Company's Trademark, created from the words Accrete (which means to grow together), and Technology. This encapsulates our corporate principle to grow together with partners and customers by collaborating technology, knowledge and information to create the worldʼs worldʼs No.1 products.

  • What does the Symbol mean?

    The symbol encapsulates our mission statement. The spinning golden orb represents the dynamic mix of resources - people, materials, funds and information - concentrated from all over the world. The integration of these elements will enable the consistent development of cutting-edge products, depicted by the jet streams shooting out of the orb.


  • Where are your offices?

    The Company's head office is located at Hachoji, Tokyo.  Two principal plants are located at Hachioji and Tsuchiura, Ibaraki. In addition, we have Worldwide Sales/Service/Support network. Please refer to the office location in detail.
    Office Locations

Financial Information