Cookie policy

Cookie policy

Provided a user gives their permission, this site may use cookies to supply optimized services and make improvements for the site.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in a user's computer or mobile device when the user accesses this site.
Using cookies enables collection of information such as the number of times a user has visited this site and the pages they have accessed. If a user agrees to the storing of cookies in their terminal, their access to the site will be much easier, in that, for example, they will not have to enter the same information repeatedly.
We cannot access a user’s cookie files created by other sites or identify their personal information through cookies.

Rejecting cookies

A user of this site can delete or disable cookies by changing their browser settings appropriately.
Note that if cookies are disabled, some of the functions of this site may become invalid and some of the pages may no longer be displayed properly.
The procedure for changing the cookie settings differs depending on the browser. For the most widely used browsers, visit the URLs listed below.

Purposes of using cookies on this site

This site uses the tools listed below. Using the information collected with the cookies, these tools analyze a user's usage data of the website. The results of the analysis are used to improve the performance of the site and enhance and improve the services offered by our company.
As part of this analysis, such information may be supplied to the tool providers.

Name Tool provider  
Google Analytics Google Inc. Google Analytics terms of service

Google privacy policy
Information collected through the tool:
User's usage data of the website (access, traffic, page views per visit, etc.)
MRC Markerise, Inc. Markerise privacy policy
Information collected through the tool:
User's use of the website (access, traffic, page views per visit, etc.)

For information about our handling of personal information, refer to "Privacy Policy".

Contact for inquiries about cookies

If you have any inquiries about our cookie policy, use the inquiry form below.

Cookie policy