Webinar For Your Needs
Webinar For Your Needs
ACCRETECH offers webinars proposing solutions and
new products responding to our customers' diverse needs.

Do you face problems such as these?

Don't know where to start in order

to improve productivity

Increasingly pressing issues of highly-knowledgeable/

experienced employees aging and personnel shortages

Are there solutions that don't require sophisticated,

expert measurement knowledge?

Products are constantly expected to have high quality,

therefore, measurement work is growing increasingly complex and sophisticated

ACCRETECH has the solutions to these problems. ACCRETECH Solutions

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In recent years, the manufacturing domain has witnessed rapid globalization and the spread of AI, and a new phase called Industry 4.0 has arrived. ACCRETECH Group has responded quickly to these environmental changes and has been helping customers innovate their manufacturing through precision measurement technology and precision processing technology cultivated over many years. In this modern world, society, industry, and lifestyle continue to change rapidly due to the development of information technology. ACCRETECH Group responds flexibly to these times by proposing products and solutions meeting the various needs of the industry through the creation of new opportunities via webinars.

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