When the future our customers desire meets the measuring technology cultivated by ACCRETECH, new potential for monozukuri is born.

xEV e-Motor

A Solution for Measuring Electric Vehicle Motors

With the increase in the production ratio of electrifiedc vehicles such as HEVs and BEVs, there are significant changes being made to vehicle unit configuration and the development/production methods thereof. In particular, the market for xEV-specific components such as drive motor units, inverters, and batteries, is predicted to undergo further growth. ACCRETECH proposes the optimal solutions to meet the changing needs of customers from the development to production of xEVs.

xEV Battery Test

Testing Solutions for Secondary Batteries of Electric Vehicles

Secondary batteries, mainly lithium ion batteries, will greatly affect the range and other performance aspects of electric vehicles (EVs), which will support an environmental-oriented society in the future. In order to contribute to the development and production of rechargeable batteries, ACCRETECH not only provides various charge-discharge testing equipment but also an evaluation service that caters to electrical tests from cell batteries to battery packs, such as R&D and quality inspection.


Medical Device Measurement Solutions

Medical devices are machines and equipment that are used to diagnose, treat, or prevent diseases in humans or animals, or that are intended to affect the structure and function of the body. ACCRETECH will propose the best solution for potentially life-saving medical devices in the measurement process from the development to the production of high-quality products that demand high safety and reliability and guarantee traceability.


Measurement Solutions for Semiconductors, Electronic Components, and their Manufacturing Equipment.

From electronic materials such as semiconductors and electronic components, to semiconductor manufacturing equipment and electronic component manufacturing equipment, it is important to support reliability, reproducibility, and quality in dimensional tolerances, geometric tolerances, and surface roughness in reference design drawings. ACCRETECH will propose optimal solutions for all processes, from development to quality control.


Automation/Labor-saving Measurement Solutions

In today’s world, there are heightened demands relating to cost and quality due to intensified global competition, but there is also a need to respond to labor shortages and diverse work styles. The key to solving these conflicting issues is the streamlining of manufacturing processes. ACCRETECH’s automation/labor-saving measurement solutions contribute to the streamlining of our customers’ manufacturing from the aspect of measuring instruments.

Machine Tool

Measurement Solutions

Machine tools are indispensable for manufacturing that makes our lives comfortable and convenient. In order to manufacture products of various Profile accurately and efficiently, machine tools must have high precision, high speed, and high rigidity. As such, a machine tool’s components must be of extremely high quality. ACCRETECH proposes a variety of measurement solutions related to machine tools, from high-precision measurement of components to comprehensive inspection of machine tools themselves, dimensional management of workpieces during machining using machine tools, and abnormality detection.

AERO Solution

An Aircraft Component Measurement Solution

In the global aircraft market, which is expected to grow in the future, there is a need to obtain certifications and accreditation based on international standards as well as to ensure stringent quality control of components. In recent years, ACCRETECH has leveraged the measurement technologies we have cultivated to support everything from the development to the production of aircraft parts, including engine components, which are constantly evolving in functionality.