Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Maintenance support

Customer support

Our company has 70 sites in Japan and overseas that carry out equipment start-up services, on-site maintenance services, equipment moving services, regular inspection services, equipment training, remote support services (AGRS: Accretech Global Remote Support), and so on.
In response to customer requests, as the first stage response by telephone or email, our service engineers will provide support such as equipment troubleshooting to identify the problem, and then will propose the optimal solution. For this purpose, we incorporate an in-house skill certification system that aims to build up expert knowledge and experience and increase all service skills. In addition, by further valuing communication with our customers and by providing training and technical support, we contribute to the stable operation of the equipment and endeavor daily to increase our customers’ satisfaction.
We target customer success from customer support.

*Customer success:

It refers to the initiatives and activities that a company or organization undertakes to support customer success and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
Customer Success ensures that customer relationships are long-term and sustainable, helping customers get the most out of products and services and achieve success.

Parts Supply (including Consumables) / Parts Repair