1. Policy on IR Disclosure

Based on various Laws, Regulations, and the “ACCRETECH Group Code of Conduct”, Tokyo Seimitsu group discloses and provides fair and accurate information in a timely manner.


In addition, with the aim of promoting constructive dialogue with shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders, Tokyo Seimitsu group discloses information as appropriate that is considered effective in gaining a deeper understanding of Tokyo Seimitsu group.

2. Method of IR Disclosure

Tokyo Seimitsu group discloses information required by various laws and regulations in accordance with the methods required by those laws and regulations, and also discloses information that falls under the Timely Disclosure Rules through TDNet (Timely Disclosure Network) operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

In addition to the above, Tokyo Seimitsu group discloses information necessary to gain the trust of the ACCRETECH Group on our website as appropriate.

3. IR Activities

Tokyo Seimitsu group participates in financial results briefings, IR conferences, conferences for individual investors, and individual IR interviews as appropriate, and engage in constructive dialogue with our stakeholders in order to gain a better understanding of the group.

IR activities of Tokyo Seimitsu group are overseen by the director in charge of IR in accordance with the “Corporate Governance Policy “, and the Management Support Dept. supports the director in charge of IR in cooperation with related departments.

4. Insider Information

In accordance with the Laws, Regulations, “ACCRETECH Group Code of Conduct” and internal regulations, Tokyo Seimitsu group strictly manages insider information and works to prevent insider trading until such information is disclosed on TDNet or by any other means required by law or regulation.

Furthermore, when IR staff members engage in dialogue with specific stakeholders, they should do so with more than one person in order to prevent the unintentional transfer of insider information and/or undisclosed information that is highly likely to have a significant impact on the price of securities.

5. Enhancement of English Disclosure

In order to provide fair information to foreign stakeholders, Tokyo Seimitsu group makes necessary disclosures on TDNet and its website at the same time as or without delay as much as possible in Japanese.

6.Forward-looking Statements

The current plans, forecasts, strategies and other non-historical matters disclosed by the Tokyo Seimitsu group are forward-looking statements about future performance. These statements are based on information currently available to the Tokyo Seimitsu group and the assumptions that Tokyo Seimitsu group considers reasonable, such as domestic and overseas economic conditions, exchange rate fluctuations and other factors affecting the business results, and they are not intended for expressing the commitment of the Group to realize them.

They are bound to be influenced by many uncertain factors, including market situation, competition, new product introduction as well as the success or failure thereof. Accordingly, actual results may differ materially from these forward-looking statements.

7.Silent Period

In order to prevent information leaks related to financial results and to ensure fairness in disclosure opportunities, Tokyo Seimitsu group establishes a silent period from the day after the end of the quarterly accounting period (June 30th, September 30th, December 31st, and March 31st) until the disclosure of the relevant quarterly financial results. During this period, Tokyo Seimitsu group will refrain from responding to interviews or inquiries regarding its business results for the relevant quarter, except in cases where timely disclosure is made.

However, dialogue(s) not related to the relevant financial results will be handled appropriately.

8. Response to Evaluations by Third Parties

Tokyo Seimitsu group will not interfere with performance forecasts or evaluations by third parties, and will not comment on unconfirmed rumors in the market.

However, this does not apply when such information or rumors contain serious factual errors or are judged to have a significant impact on the capital markets.

9. Maintenance of the System

Tokyo Seimitsu group shall establish and maintain a system to ensure that this policy is properly implemented and that information is disclosed in a timely and appropriate manner.

(Supplement) Disclaimer regarding IR Website

Tokyo Seimitsu group's IR website has been prepared for the sole purpose of providing information to those who view it or receive the materials posted on it, whether directly or indirectly, and is not intended as a recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell the Company's shares or related financial products.

Tokyo Seimitsu group assumes no responsibility for updating or releasing any forward-looking statements contained herein. In addition, Tokyo Seimitsu group assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages, including omissions or errors in the content of the materials, to anyone viewing the information (whether directly or indirectly).

The IR website contains English-language materials, including timely disclosure materials. These materials have been translated from the original Japanese document(s).

In the event of any discrepancy between Japanese and English materials due to errors in translation or other reasons, the Japanese materials shall prevail. In addition, there may be a difference in the timing of publication between the Japanese and English materials.