Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

 Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd (the Company) and its subsidiaries (the ACCRETECH Group) believe that obtaining a trust from stakeholders such as customer is an important task. The ACCRETECH Group shall protect various information assets of the ones provided by stakeholders and ones in ACCRETECH Group as group’s responsibility. The ACCRTECH Group hereby establishes Information Security Policy and promotes it as set out below.

1.Compliance with Laws and Regulations

 ACCRETECH Group shall abide by all information-security related local and/or international laws and regulations, norms of social and/or on contract in between the ACCRETECH Group and customers or external stakeholders.

2.Establishment of Information Security Management System

 To ensure and promote appropriate protection and control of information assets, The ACCRETECH Group maintains Information Security Committee chaired by Information Security Officer.

3.Establishment of Information Security Regulations and Guidelines

 To ensure appropriate protection and control of information assets, the ACCRETECH Group maintains Regulations and Guidelines about Information Security, and ensures all employees are reformed of these Regulations and Guidelines.

4.Information Security Control

 The ACCRETECH Groups takes all necessary actions for controlling information assets to prevent information security incident. However, if incident confirms, the ACCRETECH Group investigates root cause, minimizes damage, and takes measures to prevent reoccurrence.

5.Education and Training

 The ACCRETECH Group provides all employees education and training program to enlighten an importance of the Policy and appropriate information control.

6.Periodic Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

 The ACCRETECH Groups keeps an organization for information security control. However, to respond changes in business conditions and/or social conditions, The ACCRETECH Group periodically evaluates information security management system and implementation status to improve them continuously.

Established on May 16th, 2021

Information Security Policy