Non-destructive Measurement
Non-destructive Inspection


Next-generation X-ray CT system with wide range, high precision, and high resolution that can perform not onlydefect analysis but also dimension, form, and geometric tolerance measurement


For Small workpiece, High accuracy
For Middle-sized workpiece, High penetrating power
For Large workpiece, High penetrating power


Currently the most advanced X-ray CT

Equipped with axis control technology deriving from CMMs, ultra high precision positioning stage, high resolution flat panel detector and software GOM Volume Inspect Pro(standard)/CALYPSO CT(optional) , METROTOM series , which can measure dimensions, forms and geometric tolerance, distinguishes itself from X-ray CT systems for observation.It proposes a wide range of optimum solutions, including structural comparison of internal geometries and high-precision measurement of internal and external dimensions of complicated industrial products such as plastic moldings and aluminumdie castings, in addition to non-destructive inspections, such as structural analysis, functional inspection and defect analysis.

Currently the most advanced X-ray CT

Comparison of the nominal and actual form
Dimensional differences from 3D CAD modelsare displayed in three dimensions, enabling visual evaluation.

Dimensional measurement / geometric tolerance evaluation
Dimensional evaluation is possible by an intuitive operation with GOM Volume Inspect Pro(standard)/CALYPSO CT(optional) .Measurement precision
is guaranteed in accordance with German industrial standards VDI/VDE. If 3D CAD modelwith the addition of PMI is available, programming manhours can be reduced.

Non-destructive inspection observation of internal structure
Enables inspections for cavities of aluminum die castings and metal castings and bubbles and cracks of plastic moldings as well as inspections of the inside and arbitrary cross section of assemblies.

High resolution - High resolution and low noise with 3K dictator*

High resolution - High resolution and low noise with 3K dictator*

Equipped with a new high-sensitive detector, METROTOM1500 225kV can take a clearer scan image with less noise compared with the conventionalmodel. The METROTOM series also has higher output in comparison with general copper pipe voltage band X-ray systems, allowing for taking of high-contrast images even for high-density materials. In addition, using the binning mode, which groups together multiple pixels of a detector and considers them as a single pixel, users can scan up to four times faster with the same image quality as a traditional 2K detector. In other words, a scan that takes a 2K detector around 7 minutes can be completed in less than 2 minutes with a 3K detector. This means more tests and measurements can be performed in the same scan time.


High precision - Traceable and highly reliable measurement results

High precision - Traceable and highly reliable measurement results

High-precision X-ray CT system, ZEISS METROTOM that fuses measurement know-how Carl Zeiss has developed over years. Precision is guaranteed based on the German standards VDI/VDE. This machine allows for not only detecting internal defects and foreign matters but also for measuring dimensions, forms, and geometric tolerances. 3D form data obtained by scanning can also be used for correction of CAD mold models and simulations, in addition to internal observation and measurement.

User’s Voice

We asked Tadaseiki Group, which designs and manufactures molds and dies, the reasons behind their decision to introduce ACCRETECH’s products and their commitment to monozukuri.

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