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Resource Recycling and Waste Reduction

Resource Recycling and Waste Reduction

Various resources are used for the products and business activities of the Tokyo Seimitsu Group. In order to contribute to the formation of a sustainable recycling-oriented society, we have declared in our Environmental Policy that we will make effective use of all resources and work on resource saving, waste reduction, and recycling.


Fiscal 2022 Targets and Results

Objectives Plans Fiscal(2022) Main deleted contents
Reduction of waste emissions, reuse as resources

Recycling rate of 95% or higher by FY2024

Year set



FY2020 to FY2024


95% or higher

Recycling rate


Total emissions


Amount reused as resources


Final disposal amount



Reduced by 88,549 kg

Bubble wrap

Reduced by 13,542 kg

Wood scraps

Reduced by
9,920 kg

Promotion of resource conservation(Paper procurement volume production volume intensity reduction)  5% reduction compared to FY2019 by FY2024

Year set



FY2020 to FY2024

Benchmark emissions

0.443 kg/million yen

Reduction target

0.421 kg/million yen

0.310 kg/million yen
(30% reduction compared to FY2019)

Waste Reduction and Reuse of Waste as Resources

In order to reduce waste, we are implementing various initiatives,such as replacing cardboard boxes for packaging delivered parts with reusable plastic boxes, and having pick up wooden pallets picked up by shipping companies. All waste from the Hachioji Plant is recycled, by means including thermal recycling. We are also working to increase the recycling rate at the Tsuchiura Plant by switching to a vendor that treats liquid waste for recycling.

Reduction of Resource (Paper) Use

In order to reduce our use of paper, we are creating an environment in which work can be performed during every process within the company using electronic data.

Spreading Information about Our Public Relations Activities and IR Initiatives in Digital Formats Without Using Paper

In response to COVID-19, there has been an increase in remote-based dialogue, leading to the widespread provision of various disclosure materials in digital format. Although the number of direct dialogues has been increasing since fiscal 2022, from the perspective of sustainability, we continue to provide materials in digital format as much as possible.

Comprehensive Management System for Multifunction Machines and Printers

In order to reduce costs and improve security, we plan to introduce a comprehensive management system that consolidates the operation and management of multifunction machines and laser printers at all Group companies in Japan. Managing multifunction machines will make it possible to track printing volumes on an individual basis, leading to proactive reductions in paper consumption and TCO* (Total Cost of Ownership).


The total of all costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of software and hardware required for a company to introduce an IT system

Initiatives for Creating a Paperless Supply Chain

We have reduced paper distribution through blueprint lending.

In fiscal 2022, we lent blueprints for 721 items, eliminating the need to print and issue documents that would have weighed 2,595 kg


TOP Sustainability Environment
Resource Recycling and Waste Reduction