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Precision Measuring Instrument Business Support Quality

Precision Measuring Instrument Business Support Quality

Adopting the slogan “No Measurement, no Manufacturing,” the Precision Measuring Instrument Business provides support for creating our customers’ futures through our precision measuring technology based on the idea that providing precision and reliability is the origin of manufacturing.

Support Structure

The Metrology Company has established Metrology Centers at four locations in Japan and has built a system capable of providing technical support to customers while becoming closer to them.

For overseas customers, our overseas service team focuses on supporting nine overseas showrooms and engineer training.

Support Structure

Metrology Centers

Our Metrology Centers are staffed by engineers who have ample expertise in measurement technology and instrument operation, and provide "technology" (place for learning), "sincerity" (proposal of solutions), and "reliability" (customer-friendly support) to meet the various needs of customers.

Private Show at Metrology Center
Private Show at Metrology Center

Private Show at Metrology Center

<Technology: A Place for Learning about Products and Measurement>

We hold plant tours, product workshops, metrology seminars, and web-based seminars for customers, dealers, universities and high schools, and local companies who use our measuring instruments so that they can deepen their understanding of measurement technology and view a variety of products.

Number of Times “Place for Learning” Provided in FY2022

Seminars and classes (including web-based seminars)

10 times

Classes/measurement guidance at public institutions

22 times

<Sincerity: Proposal of Solutions>

We provide proposal of solutions, operation training, and other services in order to meet the expectations of our customers. We have a system in place that allows us to respond remotely to customers who are unable to come to the venue.

<Reliability: Customer-friendly support>

Consultations for performing measurements, handling of measuring instruments, and troubleshooting support are provided by the call center

Content of inquiries is analyzed for incorporation into operation manuals

Measurement guidance is provided for customers who have purchased measuring instruments.

We perform consigned measurement for customers who do not have required measuring instruments, have instruments without needed features, or are otherwise unable to perform
measurements on their own.

Activities in FY2022

Call center responses


Number of training sessions


Initiatives for Customer Safety and Security

In addition to providing direct hands-on experience with our measuring instruments and measurement methods at our Metrology Centers, we also offer remote and web-based seminars to deepen understanding of our measuring instruments to ensure their safe and reliable use.

Training of Engineers Overseas

In order to strengthen the global support structure, the overseas service team invites service engineers from various countries to the Metrology Center located in the Tsuchiura Plant for intensive training and drills. In fiscal 2022, 11 people from 4 countries participated in the basic training for new engineers, and 9 people from 6 countries participated in the advanced training for skilled and experienced engineers.


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Precision Measuring Instrument Business Support Quality