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Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Business Support Quality

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Business Support Quality

The Semiconductor Company’s CE Department is responsible for maintaining and improving the quality and productivity of the Company’s semiconductor manufacturing equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing and processing processes around the world, from installation setup to maintenance and training support, as well assupplying maintenance parts. In order to contribute to our customers’ profits and increase customer satisfaction by providing high-performance products and high-quality support, we have established a global support structure based on the teamwork of the entire CE Department.

Support Structure

The Semiconductor Company’s Customer Engineering (CE) Department provides a high level of customer responsiveness and value-added services through the Service Division and parts supply without delay through parts centers that enable customers to realize their targeted production.

Support Structure

Education and Training

In-house Training

The Semiconductor Company’s Customer Engineering (CE) Department is required to have a high level of expertise so that it can respond to various customer issues. In order to continue to provide high-quality support, the CE Department is also helping to standardize work levels (accuracy, operation assurance, knowledge, etc.) by conducting training for young engineers and leadership training. In addition, skill sheets are used to clarify the status of employees' acquisition of knowledge and skills, which is useful for human resource development.

GSM (Global Service Meeting)Based Training

Online training with service engineers overseas
Online training with service engineers overseas

The GSM, which is held annually by GSE*, was held online in fiscal 2022. 67 service engineer representatives from 12 countries and overseas subsidiaries participated in the event, which included a video streaming of start-up operations, demonstrations of AI big data functions using webcams and smart glasses, and equipment and product-specific training.

* GSE (Global Service Engineer)

An in-house team that trains and supports overseas service engineers

Stable Parts Supply

We currently supply maintenance parts to customers in approximately 32 countries around the world. In fiscal 2022, we were able to reduce supply operations by adding parts for polish grinders and dicing machines that take a long delivery time to our inventory in the USA. In the EU area, we have established a parts supply system for semiconductor wafer chamfering machines.

Improvement of Support Quality

Digitalization of Support Services

To promote remote support, we have implemented and enhanced online security measures and established a new dedicated smart glasses * channel at the Hachioji Plant. 

Digitalization of Support Servic

*Smart glasses

Wearable device shaped like spectacles. Information can be displayed on the lenses

Improvement of Equipment Operating Rates

Factors that reduce equipment operating rates may include short-period stops*, inspections, and malfunctions. When providing service support to customers, error information is registered and aggregated to visualize operating rates and propose improvements and maintenance plans.

* Short-period stops

A partial stoppage of equipment or a short stoppage that does not lead to failure due to a malfunction in equipment operation


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Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Business Support Quality