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Social Contribution

Social Contribution

As we contribute to society through our business activities, we will clarify issues and needs in different regions through dialogues with communities and will advance social contribution activities to resolve these matters, to build a healthy and sustainable society as a corporate citizen.

Donations for Humanitarian Aid Related to the Situation in Ukraine

In May 2022, we made a donation of 10 million yen to Japan for UNHCR, a non-profit organization for humanitarian aid activities in Ukraine. We will continue to consider donation amounts, support targets, outsourced organizations, etc., after carefully examining each individual situation and need.

Education and Culture

Learning the Way of Manufacturing in Hachioji

Nihon Kogakuin College of Hachioji holds a special class called “Learning the Way of Manufacturing in Hachioji” on an annual basis. In January 2020, Mr. Mitsuhashi, Tokyo Seimitsu Hachioji Plant Manager, gave a lecture on the theme of “Current Status of State-of-the-Art Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment: Supplied from Hachioji to the World.” The lecture focused on how our semiconductor manufacturing equipment and world-class precision measurement technologies are deeply involved in all kinds of products and cutting-edge technologies in our daily lives.


Nihon Kogakuin College of Hachioji  “Learning the Way of Manufacturing in Hachioji”  2019-2020 Implementation Record

Providing a Place for Learning

The Metrology Center provides a place for university students, high school students, and local companies to learn how measurement technologies contribute to manufacturing through our world-class products.

Career Studies

Visit of junior high school students to the Hachioji Plant
Visit of junior high school students to the Hachioji Plant

We invited junior high school students in Hachioji City for a career learning session, with the aim of promoting their SDGs initiatives by helping them learn and develop their own ideas about their paths including career. The students listened intently to the employees' answers to their questions about the company's approach to the SDGs, job satisfaction, and other topics. We hope that our SDGs practices will provide an opportunity for the students to further promote and deepen their thinking about and commitment to the SDGs.


Tokyo Seimitsu is participating in the Future COLLEGE programs organized by “SEMI FREAKS”, a semiconductor industry research site for students operated by SEMI Japan.

Tokyo Seimitsu exhibited at the “Future COLLEGE@SEMICON2022”, a joint information session for students under the “SEMICON Japan 2022”. In order to make many students understand about the semiconductor-related industry and to increase the aspirations of talented students, we held the information session in cooperation with other semiconductor industry companies that also participated in the event.


The participants said as follows:

  • I was able to obtain valuable information that I could not have obtained only via the Internet, and it was very helpful for my job hunting.
  • It was a good opportunity for me to learn about companies and products that I did not know about.
  • I was very satisfied to be able to actually see equipment such as dicers and probers.

We will continue to conduct activities to deepen the understanding of the semiconductor manufacturing industry among university students and graduate school students who are interested in the semiconductor industry.

«Supplemental information: Tokyo Seimitsu is continuing our activities by participating in the Internship Joint Information Session 2023.6 and other events.»

Environment and Beautification

Hachioji Plant’s Contribution to the Community

Efforts to Promote Energy Conservation

Associations of factory districts designated for energy management promote the rationalization of energy use in a comprehensive and effective manner through mutual collaboration and information exchange between the Energy Conservation Center, Japan and the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry. As our Hachioji Plant was the representative of the “Tokyo association of factory districts designated for energy management” in fiscal 2022, the plant reported on its activities.

Hachioji City Adopt-A-Road Program

Hachioji City Adopt-A-Road Program

In this sort of adoption program, local residents and private companies carry out beautification activities for roads, parks, or other public facilities, caring for these as if their own children, while receiving tools, materials, and support from the local governments with jurisdiction over the facilities. Since 2004, the Hachioji Plant has implemented such activities into a part of the curriculum for new employee group education every year, focusing on the rotary on the east side of JR Kita-Hachioji Station. In fiscal 2022, program activities were held four times with 176 people participating.

Tsuchiura Plant’s Contribution to the Community 

Tsuchiura City Pollution Control Agreement

The Tsuchiura Plant has concluded a pollution control agreement with Tsuchiura City, aimed at the conservation of atmospheric environment and water environment, noise and vibration prevention, and the prevention of pollution from business activities.

Nakanuki Park Beautification Activities

The Tsuchiura Plant joins other companies near Nakanuki Park for weekly cleanups in and around the park. Since 2006, we have also carried out cleanups on our own across our divisions in turn every Monday. In fiscal 2022, we did so 50 times with participation by a total of 100 employees. Over the years of these cleanup activities, awareness has increased among the local community. Streets around the park that had been covered in litter have improved markedly. We will continue our activities to help beautify public parks and improve public manners.

Tsuchiura Eco-Partner Agreement (Human Development : A City where Every Person Acts with Consideration of the Environment – Partnership)

In March 2016, the Tsuchiura Plant signed the Tsuchiura Eco-Partner Agreement, which takes a leading role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste in the area around the city of Tsuchiura. The Agreement promotes the efficient use of electricity and other energy as well as the reduction of garbage in business activities, and the initiatives to raise awareness of environmental conservation in the local community.

Eco-partner Agreement, Tsuchiura City municipal website


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