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Human Resource Development

In order to create the World's No. 1 Products through WIN-WIN Relationships, all employees, the greatest assets of the Tokyo Seimitsu Group, must accept diverse values, draw out each other's strengths, and grow autonomously.
In order to support the growth of such employees, the Group will provide programs such as education and training, opportunities to take on challenges on the ground, and work to create a workplace environment where diverse human resources can feel rewarding.

Human Resource Development Policy

The mission of the Group includes: “Growing together with partners and customers by collaborating technology, knowledge, and information to create the world’s No.1 products,” and “WIN–WIN relationships create the world’s No.1 products”


To fulfill this mission, we need employees who can:

Gain a high level of trust by facing customers' issues and solving them;

Accept diverse values and see things from the other person's point of view to draw out mutual strengths and cooperate with each other; and

Connect their own ideas to technical and business innovations, aim for high goals, and grow autonomously

The Group supports the growth of its employees, who are the most important asset, by creating a work environment and implementing measures as described below:

Provide educational programs, including training and education, according to the growth stage of individual employees

Provide employees with opportunities to take on challenges in the workplace and support through communication with their supervisors

Promote various measures and create an environment in which diverse human resources can feel fulfilled in their work and can play an active role

Education and Training Achievements


FY2020 results

FY2021 results

FY2022 results

Total training hours




Average number of training hours per employee




Number of attendees




Education investment per employee (yen)




Scope: Full-time employees of Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd.

Education and Training

The Company has established a variety of training programs tailored to the abilities and roles of each employee, and has incorporated them into our Human Resource Development System. We perform common training for employees to acquire the basic knowledge and business skills required throughout the Company, level-specific training for employees to acquire the skills required for each career level, and department-specific training for employees to acquire the highly specialized individual skills required for specific organizations and tasks.

Training theme Number of training hours in FY2022
Common training Human resource development training*1 358
360-degree feedback review training*2 576
e-learning (Compliance-related training) 1,944
Level-specific training New employee training 5,684
New employee follow-up training 285
Training for new managers 213
Training for new section chiefs 348
Training for new assistant section chiefs 445
Career training for full-time female employees 87

Scope: Full-time employees of Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd.

Training theme Total number of trainees in FY2022
specific training
General technical training 148
Mechanical design training
Electrical circuit design training
Programming seminar
Software-related seminar
Semiconductor-related seminar
SEAJ recommended safety training

*¹ Human resource development training:

We promote training and onsite practices so that supervisors can develop the autonomy of their subordinates and develop employees who can learn and grow the skills required for each job.
▪Dialogue skills to promote growth
▪Confirmation of progress and processes
▪Goal integration (recognition of the significance, value, and opportunities for growth for subordinates)

*² 360-degree feedback:

An approach in which a subject asks those around him or her to observe his or her behavior; the observers provide feedback on the subject on his or her strengths and issues from their perspectives, in order to:
▪ Recognize the gap between self-analysis and behavior observed around them, reflect on themselves, and use it as a trigger for behavior change
▪ Help participants understand their management skills and improve them further

Self-Development Support System

The Company has enhanced its self-development support system to provide employees with opportunities to autonomously acquire and improve work-related knowledge and skills. We have introduced an e-learning system in which more than 300 courses can be taken freely, and there is a correspondence education course available that the Company completely subsidizes for those who have completed the course.



Full-time employees of Tokyo Seimitsu


Courses on management, IT literacy, DX, languages,technology and skills as well as series on management, industry, economics, culture, and other topics

Correspondence Education Courses


 Full-time employees of Tokyo Seimitsu group companies in Japan (Tokyo Seimitsu, Tosei Engineering,Tosei Systems, Tosei Box, and Accretech Powertro System)


General courses on business skills, financial accounting, DX, languages, etc., as well as technical and skillbased courses and certification exam preparation courses

Award Systems

By establishing a variety of award programs, the Company aims to nurture the creativity and spirit of challenge among our employees and increase their motivation.

Award name


FY2022 results

Improvement Proposal Awards

Given to departments that have contributed to improving the quality of operations and the environment

7 projects/initiatives

Technical Awards

These awards recognize employees and technology development projects that made technical achievements contributing to the improvement of business performance

2 projects/initiatives

New Business Plan Proposal

These awards commend ideas for new products likely to appear in the future based on open-minded thinking

12 projects/initiatives

Eligible employees

Improvement Proposal Awards

 Employees of Tokyo Seimitsu (non-consolidated) (including temporary employees)

Technical Awards

Employees of Group companies (Tokyo Seimitsu, Tosei Engineering, Tosei Systems, Tosei Box, and Accretech Powertro System) engaged in development work

New Business Plan Proposal Awards

Employees of domestic and overseas Group companies (including temporary employees)


In order for the Group to achieve significant growth in a rapidly changing environment, it is important for employees to work with high motivation, improve productivity, generate innovative ideas, and deliver high added value to customers.
To this end, we started an engagement survey in March 2023 to measure the state of employee engagement.
In the survey, we examine the following factors to improve engagement:

Are employees able to demonstrate their strengths and feel a sense of job satisfaction?

Do employees trust each other and are internal communications active?

Do employees know the company well and are they attached to the company?



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