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Health Management

Health Management

In order for people to make the most of their capabilities and work with a sense of purpose, the Tokyo Seimitsu Group believes it is important for those people and their families to be physically and mentally healthy. We work to create comfortable workplaces by means including strict working hour management to avoid long working hours.

Healthy Company Declaration

Needless to say, the health of employees is the cornerstone of longterm stable management for a company.
We have been working on promoting the health of our employees by conducting health checkups and other initiatives. However, in light of the growing momentum to promote "health management" and the launch of the "Healthy Company Declaration" campaign as a social framework for such promotion, we have decided to make a further company-wide commitment to health management, making a Healthy Company Declaration.
We would like to ask for the understanding and cooperation of our employees in this endeavor.
We sincerely hope that all of our employees will maintain and promote their health and that they will continue to play an active role in the company.

Health Declaration

100% of medical checkups will be taken.

We will utilize the results of health checkups

We will create a healthy environment.

We will address diet

We will address exercise

We will address nonsmoking

We will address mental health

October 1, 2019
Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd.
Chairman and CEO Hitoshi Yoshida

Health Checkups and Stress Level Check System 

Every year, we perform periodical medical examinations, comprehensive medical examinations, gynecological checkups, and other procedures to check the health of employees. For persons with abnormal findings, we encourage repeat examinations and provide specified health guidance. Our examination rate for stress level checks, including employees at overseas posts or stationed outside the company, exceeds 99%. The checks have become established as an opportunity for employees to take note of their own mental condition. The Company manages individual stress level check results in accordance with laws and regulations and provides feedback to the individuals. Individuals with high stress levels meet with industrial physicians. We also conduct organizational analyses and, after reporting to the Risk Management Committee and the Safety and Health Committee, work to improve the workplace environment.

FY2022 Results

Health Declaration Actual Details and Results
100% of medical
checkups will be taken  
Achieved periodical medical examination rate of 93.7%
We will utilize the results
of health checkups
A total of 105 people were encouraged to receive specified health guidance
We will create a healthy
Video dissemination addressing healthy company declaration themes: 12 times (monthly)
We will promote a better
Provided Healthy Company Declaration Collaborative Menu in cafeterias (once a week)
We will encourage
Introduced the web walk rally sponsored by the Health Insurance Association
We will promote
Dissemination of health information on the harmfulness of tobacco
We will promote mental

Introduced counseling services

Achieved 99.1% examination rate for stress level checks

Healthy Company Declaration Collaborative Menu

The Hachioji and Tsuchiura Plant cafeterias offer a “Healthy Company Declaration Collaborative Menu” once a week, taking into consideration the health of our employees from a diet perspective.

Healthy Company Declaration Collaborative Menu
Healthy Company Declaration Collaborative Menu

Video Dissemination on Health Topics

An industrial physician at the Hachioji operation site provides health promotion videos (updated monthly) for employees on the Company portal site. 

FY2022 Video Topics

VDT (visual display terminal) syndrome, back pain, stress, summer fatigue, hypertension, stress management, diabetes, obesity, sleep, basic cancer knowledge, cancer screening, autonomic ataxia, types and mechanisms of headaches,menopausal disorders, and adjustment disorder 

Video Dissemination on Health Topics
Video Dissemination on Health Topics

Measures to Address Long Working Hours

As measures to address long working hours, we manage working hours through entry/exit systems, encourage our employees to take annual paid leave, and promote industrial physician consultations and the taking of annual paid leave for employees who have a high level of total working hours within a month or three months. We introduced the entry/exit system, which uses IC card-based employee ID cards in fiscal 2020, strengthening company-wide management of working hours. In fiscal 2022, average monthly overtime hours per person decreased by 3.6 hours from the previous year.

Number of Overtime Hours and Number of Days of Paid Leave Taken

  FY2020  FY2021  FY2022
Number of overtime hours per person 25.8 29.3 25.7
Number of days of paid leave taken per person 12.2 13.1 14.5

Measures to address long working hours

Setting of Wednesdays and bonus payment days (two times a year) as days for leaving work on time

Work time management by collating attendance time with gate entry/exit and PC log times

Distribution of information on employee overtime to Company management, increasing its awareness of employee work hours

Counseling or interviews with or based on the judgment of industrial physicians


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Health Management